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THDALTD is a trade association representing its members who are from all sectors of the Taxi trade: Hackney Drivers Owners, Renters, and P/Hire. We also have hackney carriage associations, who affiliate to the THDALTD as a group; and individual hackney carriage drivers.

We do not ask for any weekly, monthly or yearly membership fees.

We update all the useful information for our members, we will be adding case law as it comes, and anything else that pertains to the hackney carriage trade and private hire.

The Taxi Trade has an ever-changing face and our aim, as ever, is to help you, the member who has joined the association, with any queries or problems you face, regardless of their size or form.

Drivers receive the opportunity of influencing policy decisions and partake in making real changes in their trade. We attend regular Taxi Liaison Meetings with many Councils and these have a direct consequence for the taxi trade wherever you are Licensed. We also have will regularly attend Committee Meetings and members are able to request that the Committee discusses issues that concern you.

Membership forms can be applied for on out 'membership form' section.

Members who have Email can expect to be kept informed on many issues, including road closures, taxi rank issues and anything else that they need to know.

you can send your email via our contact page. 

we are there to help you